Sugar and spice Models


Sugar and Spice Modles is dedicated and committed too your modeling future. We cover many different styles of modeling to find your strengths in the modeling industry.



Sugar and Spice Models is a new independent company,

keen to promote up and coming models in this ever changing industry.

We are eager to establish Sugar and Spice Models as a leader in locating, promoting and supporting naturally gifted models, in the right direction. 

If you are interested in modeling and appearing on a "non nude" web site then "Sugar and Spice Models"

is for you.


We celebrate beauty of all ages and cultures with high definition images and video.

 We create a profile of you and promote you both personally and on the www, we are offering as a special introductory offer of $49 you will appear.



We will send you all the information, consent forms for your modeling options/preference's.

None of your personal information is realeased and all information is private and confidential.

Once a portfolio is created with a creative selection of photos in different attire and situations. then you are promoted on "Sugar and Spice Models". 


 Our model range from 0-10yo, 11-15yo, 16-17yo, 18-25yo, 26-34yo, 35-45, 46 plus


If you have recieved an invitation too appear on this site, then you have been noticed and it wont cost you a cent too appear on this site, if have any questions please call.


Alex  0459 567 123



"A picture is a caption in time, of a moment in history, that can never be repeated"